• Proceedings of Indonesia Focus

    Greetings from the Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs (ASIRPA), Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. ASIRPA organizes both the Indonesia Focus (IF) conference and online scholarly proceedings called Proceedings of Indonesia Focus (PIF).

    You are invited to submit your research findings to be presented at the Indonesia Focus conference with possible publication on Proceedings of Indonesia Focus. The Indonesia Focus Conference aims to bring together creative ideas and initiatives from the perspectives of social, political, economic, education, culture, health and human services, science, and engineering. Discussion and research presentations from a wide range of disciplinary areas are expected to produce ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for the sustainability of Indonesia's development.

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  • Journal of Indonesia Focus

    The Journal of Indonesia Focus  (JIF) is a publication of the Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs (ASIRPA). Copyrights for the articles included in the journal are held by the authors. By submitting articles for inclusion in the Journal, authors implicitly grant permission to the Society to include their articles in the Journal upon acceptance. Any omissions and/or errors are the sole responsibility of the respective authors. The Editors accept the original manuscript that adheres to the societys vision and mission and makes required adjustments for formatting, pagination, and organization purposes in electronic version.