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This essay explores the tension between international human rights law regulating religious freedom in relation to the right of minority and cultural relativism in Indonesia. The international standard of those rights is extremely diffcult to implement even though the Indonesian Constitution and Human Rights Act also comprehensively guarantee those rights. The conflict of laws and the privilege treatment against religious minority groups often lead the government to implement practice discriminative acts. The case of Ahmadiyah as a minority illustrates how their religious freedom is discriminated against by the government due to the existence of cultural relativism. Additionally, the state policy to apply offcial religion also diminishes the validity and international standard of religious freedom for minority groups. Besides, the majority uses a loophole in national regulations to justify this prohibition because the character of minority is seen as a threat to public order. This paper answers the problem with an emphasis on the importance of equality and amending regulations contradicted with international human rights in ending the conflict.


human rights religious freedom Ahmadiyah

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